What I Learned From Nursery Rhymes

(Image Credit – geralt- Pixabay)

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. – Henry Ward Beecher

In my last job I had an opportunity to work with the animation wing in my organization. They used to make beautiful animated content for kids.

To be honest, aside from cartoons which I watched when growing up, children videos was not a category I had paid much attention to. But I checked out a lot of kiddo stuff on YouTube from many leading channels as part of competitor research related to work.

And I must say, I actually enjoyed it. I found myself especially attracted to the nursery rhymes.

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Do You Want A Job Or Career?

(Image Credit – Mediamodifier- Pixabay)

‘I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.’ – Jerome. K. Jerome*

‘Do you want a Job or Career?’

Asked the Director of our company, a hefty man, who I always imagine will make for the perfect Santa Claus, given his structure and appearance. Let’s call him Super Ultra Boss-man. Ok, that’s long. Just Boss-man for short.

I had gone in for a short discussion regarding the working alternate Saturdays in our organization. We earlier used to have all Saturdays off. It was changed to working on alternate Saturdays – 1st, 3rd & 5th.

I wanted to discuss the probability of being allowed to work from home, seeing as I do not have much work on Saturday’s, spend close to 4 hours on my daily commute to work and do not consider the idea of physically going to office on a Saturday thrilling to begin with. I was fine with a leave or even my salary being deducted in return for this privilege, which was, as you can deduce from the tone of the discussion, denied to me.

But hey, I tried.

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Mumbai Trains And A Strange Occurence

(Image Credit – Simon – Pixabay)

It was a tired evening when I boarded the 6:27 Kalyan* ‘Ladies Special’* local train from the Dadar* platform.

Dadar is the topmost bane of my existence. Though there are others, Dadar definitely tops the list.

I have to take two trains when traveling to work, I change them at Dadar. I personally feel that it is one of the most overcrowded places which I have encountered in my life and I must encounter this every working day. Platform 1-2 is a narrow strip of cement-concrete where a total of two trains can stop on either side.

Whenever a train stops, it becomes a fine example of the population explosion in my country. The platform starts resembling Sauron’s army* from Lord Of The Rings* as a swarm of fellow homo sapiens, most of them zombified from a rough day at work, alight and start trudging onward, while those of us waiting for the train lunge at the doors with a gleam in our eyes, with little concern for dear life, as a sudden zest possesses our frazzled souls – for we can finally reach home sweet home in another hour or two.

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