The Circle

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‘Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.’ – Anaïs Nin

The possibilities of a circle on a blank piece of paper are endless.

The sun, moon, earth, some other planet, center of a flower, a football, a disc, a bowl, a dish, a cartoon. It can become anything.

A plain circle can become anything. It has so much potential.

It can become anything, and yet it cannot become everything.

Are we too like that Circle, perhaps?

Can we become anything? Potentially, yes maybe.

But then, often we are not the masters of our own sketch – at least for some time. There are so many contributors – parents, well wishers, friends, teachers each trying to make something useful, something good, something presentable from that circle.

Of course we do add our own bits and pieces. Still it is more or less a mash up, a collective work.

Sometimes it becomes a beautiful masterpiece and everyone, including those who helped color it, applaud. Sometimes it turns out OK, manageable and one can still receive a nod of approval, acceptance for a decent job done.

But sometimes, its just bad. It’s lousy work. It sucks!

Nobody including the Circle knows who went wrong and where. But there it stands a spoltchy picture with no rhythm or rhyme, muddied and unclear. The contributors lessen one by one. Nothing more to add, nothing more to say.

The Circle will be given back to you, to do as you please.

And at that point, even if it will require quite a bit of erasing and re-sketching, one can perhaps, truly become the artist of their own Circle.

Authors Notes –
This is for all of us who might be feeling what they are doing is not enough, who have tried to please people and failed, who are still taking baby steps towards what they want to do in this gift of life or are simply trying to figure it out first.

I am glad and blessed to have people in my life who have encouraged me to try to find out what it is that I want to do, even though at times I feel I have a very muddled Circle in my hands. I truly hope we can become the artists of our own life work and our colors shine bright.

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